Women, creative professionals in a corridor of change, are you ready to shift the blocks and get back to forward motion? Ready to claim what you really want to be doing with your life?

Change can nudge you, or it can be like the whomping tree from Harry Potter (more of a WHOMP to change than a small push). Whether it’s dark or anxious or angry moods, it can be a sign. Grief and loss can be a sign. A health challenge or diagnosis can be a sign. Habits getting out of control can be a sign. Big or small, these signs can be an invitation, a request to shift, to attend to something important right now.

When these invites to change – be they nudges or whomps – are heeded, peace and that feeling of being “in the flow” of life return.  Your moods don’t take you over. You hear your own voice of sanity in a stronger volume. You find your strength and sense of direction again. And you can face the truth and take the next steps that create positive change. You feel like yourself, or “at home” again.

For deep change that lasts and really makes a difference in your life, you need a custom combo of practical support and intuitive wisdom. The conscious mind is not the only voice; it’s not where deep change takes place. Anxiety, grief, trauma, motivation aren’t helped as quickly by talking alone. With the latest brain science and intuition, plus your commitment to try new ways, therapy can provide fast relief and tools that build your confidence back.

Denise Barnes is a licensed therapist with over two decades of experience. She gets to the heart of the healing you need, at a pace that is both respectful and efficient. Constantly learning new techniques, she now incorporates Rapid Resolution Therapy for anxiety, grief, trauma and motivation support. She is also trained in the intuitive arts, so has a knack for asking the right questions and following the most important threads that you bring to the therapy session.

I accept the following insurance:
Anthem (HMO, PPO)
Cigna EAP
Com Psych EAP
United Healthcare
United EAP
Kaiser Permanente

SCHEDULE A CONSULT for about 20 minutes to tell me your concerns and find out what can help.

You can email me at mdenisebarnes at gmail dot com, or call/text 303.501.7402.