Denise Barnes, MA, LPC, REV is a licensed therapist, trained life coach, teacher and trainer who has worked in mental health and health care since 1992. She has experienced both sides of life’s challenges, doing deep personal work to grow, as well as supporting others in the areas of managing stress, coping with setbacks and grief/loss, health and habit challenges, and communication skills for decades. Her mission is to help people live their best life, full of love, creativity and joy.

Denise specializes in helping people get help that goes deep, quickly. It’s easy to get stuck or traumatized in life, and that will muddy the lens of how you see life. What you see, is what you then get. But what excites her today is new brain science that fuels new therapy techniques. What does this mean to you? Therapy can be more effective, sooner. Whew! Yes it takes some time, but just entering therapy often can give you valuable change right away.

Denise has a private practice for therapy, coaching and consulting based in Boulder CO. She also is a reverend and can facilitate weddings, memorials, and design rituals that honor life transitions and celebrations.

Denise’s speciality areas include:
Highly Sensitive People and creative types
Anxiety and other moods challenges that interfere clear thinking and living
Grief, end of life, health challenges, medical decisions
Communication support for individuals, couples, and families facing transitions
Habits that need to change with compassionate support that gets the motivation side
Trauma, PTSD and other areas that limit full presence to life
Training professionals in Motivation Interviewing (Transformational habit change)
Rituals and celebrations for weddings, funerals, life transitions
Spiritual and intuitive consults that create sacred space which maximizes your wisdom

When off duty, Denise plays guitar/sings, loves to get to the mountains for hiking and camping, and loves to read, write, and poke fun at friends.

Feel free to email Denise to find out about how her services might fit for you. If she isn’t the best fit, she’s happy to help you find what will work best for you.

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