Highly Sensitive People

The term HSP for Highly Sensitive Person has been around for about twenty years now. Consisting of about 15-20% of the population, HSPs are finely tuned, and have yes, a more sensitive nervous system.

Learn more on my recent blog about the pros and cons of being sensitive in this way.

For HSPs, there is a big shift once you understand how to work with your sensitivity. It changes from being weird and a burden, to a gift. You’ll have to take this into consideration in your life, for best results. But once you get how this works, your life can unfold in a much more positive way in the areas of work, relationships, and finding the right ways to take risks that doesn’t completely wipe you out.

Therapy can be helpful to provide the information and practices that turn this into a skill that creates rich experiences.

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The blog also gives some good resources for finding out more about HSPs and Empaths.