Rapid Resolution Therapy

RRT – Rapid Resolution Therapy

A zebra and a lion walk into a bar…
Okay, that would never happen. When a zebra sees a lion, its deeper brain mobilizes instantly. It’s life and death, fight or flight, and it’s all about surviving. All systems are working to keep it fast and strong when it needs to run for it’s life like this.

Once that’s over, zebra has no leftovers. It’s back to eating grass and checking out the handsome guy on the riverside. There is no remaining worry, or ruminating about whether she ran fast enough or needs to go on a diet or any of that. If you ask, Wow, was that a crazy lion or what? Zebra will wonder, what lion? She’s a present moment machine, jumping into overdrive only when her survival depends on it.

Interestingly enough, Humans have the same brain and nervous system as zebra. We can kick into fight or flight as needed too. Except today, there are no predators. Yes, there is stress, and when high enough it can trip our same ALERT/DANGER system into operation. That’s usually not needed – it’s overdrive at that point. But too bad – anything that feels wrong, or worrisome or even just having a little too much on  your plate – well, it can trip the alarm system on. Then it can create a vicious cycle, because everything indicates there’s a danger. But no, usually that’s not the case, though our deeper brain is doing a fine job of protecting us.

The great thing about RRT is it gives us a way to turn off the alarm system. It helps trauma and bad experiences move to the “completed” file zone. Think of it like a phone with many apps open – RRT helps clear the app overload. It stops the out of date red alerts that keep kicking on. Once these experiences are properly moved along and filed, you have more energy, more peace. Your ability to be calm and grounded, to be clear, to stay present to whatever comes up – all of this returns. You learn how to judge what is really dangerous, and what is not.

Another plus, RRT is interactive and creative (i.e. fun!). It can take very serious situations and shift them more easily than past therapy techniques. This part of the brain responds strongly to symbols. Anxiety and other DANGER!! responses can be quickly dismantled. Relief comes fast.

RRT is known to be a game changer for:

  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • PTSD and traumatic experiences
  • Shifting fears and old beliefs
  • Resolving troubled childhood experiences
  • Moving on to your best life right now
  • Many other areas

Success stories: I used RRT for a patient who had been in a coma for a month. While he was super grateful to be alive (it was touch and go there), I noticed he kept repeating the story about his coma. It had been three years. He also had a fear about the other shoe dropping somehow. With RRT, he stopped reliving that experiencing or wondering about it. He was more present and capable of handling whatever he faced on the road ahead. His body and brain were both relieved and could stop wondering and worrying. This happened in 2-3 sessions.

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I really believe in the new therapy methods like RRT, and love to help you heal what gets in the way of living a full and meaningful life. That benefits both you and the world.

Text or email Denise – 303.501.7402 to inquire about current openings in my practice.
book a free consult to ask any questions and get a feel for if we’d be the right fit.