Therapy and Consulting Services

Therapy is held in my Boulder office (see address on the right). First it’s good to have a brief conversation over the phone to make sure we’re a good fit. Then we’ll set a first session time.

Currently (June 2019) my practice is nearly full. I will be accepting RRT clients for 90 mn sessions through summer 2019.

Sessions are 50 minutes long for normal and insurance sessions.
RRT sessions are 120 minutes long; 3 and 6 session packages are available.
Self pay sessions are $125 – $150

I accept the following insurance:
Anthem (HMO, PPP)
Com Psych EAP
United Healthcare, United EAP
Kaiser Permanente

Speciality areas include:
Rapid Resolution Therapy, a new therapy that clears old patterns, stuckness
Anxiety and other mood challenges that interfere with life
Trauma, PTSD and regrets – clearing, supporting new pattern creation
Grief, end of life, health challenges, medical decisionsTraining professionals in Motivation Interviewing (transformational habit change)
Rituals and celebrations for weddings, funerals, life transitions
Highly Sensitive Persons – from burdensome weirdness to useful gift

Rapid Resolution Therapy – RRT
Rapid Resolution Therapy is a newer therapy technique that works well with anxiety, trauma, grief, habit change and many other areas. Not only does it help with the conscious and verbal side of the brain, but it connects to what is called the deeper brain. Basically this is the older part of the brain, what might have been called the unconscious. Many traumas and old patterns live here. RRT helps clear these past challenges / experiences. People report immediate relief in session; more energy, calmness, clarity and perspective.

Session length for RRT is 90 minutes, and for initial sessions. RRT is fastest and most effective as a self pay option. For insurance clients RRT can be adapted to fit into the therapy hour (45 or 50 minutes).

Text or email to inquire about therapy openings. 303.501.7402

Book a free consult of 15 min to see if we’re a good fit together.