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Book Review: Dying to be Free: A Survival Guide for Families after a Suicide

According to estimates, every 17 minutes someone commits suicide. Those left behind, called survivors of suicide, number forty each hour, almost one thousand per day, according to AAS[1]. The total of survivors of suicide today number ten million. Due to many factors, these huge numbers are thought to be under reported.

Beverly Cobain is a psychiatric nurse who is also Kurt Cobain’s cousin. A certified psychiatric nurse, she and social work colleague Jean Larch are experts in this field of suicide. Jean Larch has offered the workshop, Understanding Suicide, since 1989, training for mental health professionals. Their book is a boon to anyone who has been left behind by a suicidal loved one. It’s short, packed with important knowledge, and includes stories of other survivors. Stories + knowledge help a lot, especially when the subject is as painful as this.

For many, it’s impossible to fathom why anyone would end their life by their own hands. Continue reading